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What’s Hot – RCR, CGR, PPK, ALC, LYN, GHY, BB1 & CU6

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What’s Hot – RCR, CGR, PPK, ALC, LYN, GHY, BB1 & CU6
What’s Not – ACW

What’s Hot
RCR – Rincon Resources Limited today closed up yet another 53% to finish at 14.5c on $9.3m stock traded. There was no news out today but on Wednesday they announced drilling had commenced at its West Arunta Project located in WA.

An RC drill program of up to 2,000m has commenced at Pokali to test four target areas including Pokali East, Dune, Pokali North & Jewel.

Drilling at Pokali East is aimed at extending the existing IOCG copper-gold mineralisation further eastward by up to 600m, it has previous intersected 14m @ 1% Cu from 168m.

RCR anticipates the RC drilling program will take about two weeks to complete, with assay results anticipated in June.

Since announcing the restart of drilling back in early April, Rincon’s share price increased by more than 511% when reaching today’s intraday high of 16.5c.

CGR – CGN Resources Limited today closed up 30% to finish at 41.5c on $570k stock traded. There was no news out today but yesterday they announced they received $200k in exploration incentive scheme grant funding.

The grant will be used to partially fund the upcoming RC drilling programs at the Shep and Hathi targets at the Webb Project located in the West Arunta region of WA.

The Shep target will be tested first using a series of vertical 200-250m deep RC drill holes designed to test the geochemical anomaly.

At the Hathi rare earth element (REE) target, drilling will comprise 4-6 vertical RC drill holes targeting the strong geochemical results and intriguing magnetic features.

A previous hole intersected 37m @ 0.38% total rare earth oxides (TREO) from 63m with some of the highest-grades in the final few metres.

PPK – PPK Group Limited today closed up 23% to finish at 53c on $1.3m stock traded. The reason they were up today was because they announced its 47.37% owned Craig International Ballistics received a $30m order from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Craig International Ballistics will manufacture and deliver a new order of body armour components to help protect troops from moving threats like fragmentation, and low and high velocity rounds.

Craig International Ballistics is a leading supplier of ballistic protection to the ADF and Police Forces with 600,000 high quality QLD-made body armour components already supplied to the ADF.

There is still a long way to go for long term shareholders with the share price trading north of $20 back in September 2021.

ALC – Alcidion Group Limited today closed up 23% to finish at 6.9c on $730k stock traded. There was no news out today but roughly a fortnight ago they released its quarterly report which highlighted a 2% increase in sold and renewal revenue for FY24 of $37.4m.

Alcidion generated Q3 new sales of $6m with approximately $2.9m expected to be recognised as revenue in FY24.

Q4 is historically the highest quarter for cash receipts and Alcidion expects this trend to continue given Q3 ending debtor balance of $12.9 coupled with a strong contracted Q4 invoicing profile.

Alcidion is confident of a cash flow positive result for the second half, generated from customer receipts and operational savings, ensuring they are in a strong position with adequate funds as they enter the new financial year.

LYN – Lycaon Resources Limited today closed up another 21% to finish at 41c on $1m stock traded. There was no news out today but on Wednesday they announced a placement to raise $2.5m @ 28c through the boys and girls at Inyati Capital, who were kind enough to offer me a few.

The funds raised will be used towards exploration at the West Arunta Stansmore Niobium-REE Project with drilling targeted for the mid-year.

LYN also announced they were the successful recipient of a government co-funded drilling program of the maximum of $180k to drill the Stansmore Project.

The 100% owned West Arunta Stansmore Niobium-REE Project granted tenure extends over 173km² and is approximately 90km north of WA1 Resources’ Luni and P2 discoveries.

GHY – Gold Hydrogen Limited today closed up 20% to finish at $1.65 on $2.2m stock traded. There was no news out today but last week they released its quarterly which highlighted a helium prospective resource report for its Ramsay Project located on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.
Drilling results have confirmed Ramsay as a world-class project with helium concentrations of up to 6.8% in raw gas.

The helium prospective resource report includes a mean estimate of 96 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of Helium over 25% of the project area.

Gas samples taken to date have been sent to various local and international laboratories to have full gas composition and noble gas isotope tests conducted.

Global helium demand was estimated to be around 6 bcf in 2023, with annual demand expected to increase at a rate of 3% to 5% per annum.

BB1 – BlinkLab Limited today closed up another 15% to finish at 37.5c on $570k stock traded. There was no news out today but yesterday they announced a strategic partnership with the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation for clinical study in children with autism in the US.

The study will enroll up to one hundred children previously diagnosed with autism and one hundred children without an autism diagnosis.

The data obtained during the course of this collaboration will be used to finalize the data collection and processing algorithms as well as AI/ML models ahead of the FDA registrational study expected to start in the second half of 2024.

BlinkLab has fully developed a smartphone-based test for early diagnosis of autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

The phone enables remote and rapid testing to aid research on neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, ADHD and various forms of dementia.

BlinkLab’s initial focus will be on a pilot program involving students from Turning Pointe aimed at refining and improving the data collection and processing algorithms as well as their AI/Machine Learning models.

CU6 – Clarity Pharmaceuticals Limited today closed up 12% to finish at $3.65 on $17m stock traded. There was no news out today but on Tuesday they announced the results of a first patient ever to be dosed with two cycles of 67Cu-SAR-bisPSMA at 8GBq.

SAR-bisPSMA derives its name from the word “bis”, which reflects a novel approach of connecting two PSMA binding motifs to Clarity’s proprietary sarcophagine (SAR) technology that securely holds copper isotopes inside a cage-like structure, called a chelator.

The patient remains with undetectable levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for almost 6 months, following the administration of the second dose of 67Cu-SAR-bisPSMA.

What’s Not
ACW – Actinogen Medical Limited today closed down 16% to finish at 3.2c on $290k stock traded. The reason they were down today was because they announced a placement & entitlement offer to raise $8.9m @ 2.5c through the boys and girls at Forrest Capital & McFarlane Cameron.

CEO & MD Dr Steven Gourlay will take up an entitlement related to his privately held and incentive loan shares, representing an investment of $120k.

The funds raised will be applied to progressing the XanaMIA trial in patients with mild-moderate Alzheimer’s disease beyond the interim results in the first 100 patients, expected in mid-2025.

Last month, ACW announced the first patient had been treated in its XanaMIA phase 2b Alzheimer’s disease trial.

The trial of 220 participants, with elevated levels of the blood biomarker pTau, measures the effects of a Xanamem 10 mg daily dose versus placebo over a 36-week treatment period.

Previously, in an analysis of biomarker-positive patients with mild AD treated with Xanamem, clinically significant benefits were seen on cognition and the CDR-SB endpoint.

An interim analysis is planned for mid-2025 when approximately 100 patients reach 24 weeks of treatment, with final results anticipated in H1 CY26.

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