Thursday 25 July 2024

TruScreen (ASX: TRU): Commences major commercial rollout in Vietnam

TruScreen Group Limited (ASX: TRU) is pleased to announce that its Vietnamese distributor GHS has ordered 10 TruScreen cervical cancer screening devices and 1,800 SUS, marking the commencement of their major commercial rollout of TruScreen in Vietnam.

GHS has targeted 64 leading hospitals for commercial acceptance of TruScreen and will use the initial shipment of 10 devices and 1,800 SUS as the first stage in their planned rollout of TruScreen across Vietnam. The rollout builds on market acceptance and key opinion leader initiatives conducted by GHS including validation by leading hospitals. This culminated in TruScreen being included in the Vietnamese MOH Technical List. TruScreen was presented to leading gynaecologists at the Vietnam National Gynaecologic Conference on 24 May 2024.

The deployment will facilitate the screening and early detection and management of cervical cancer in Vietnam. This is a significant step towards the nationwide adoption of TruScreen in the Vietnamese public health sector.


•10 TruScreen devices and 1,800 single-use sensors (SUS) ordered by Vietnam’s Gorton Health Services (GHS)

• Total order value approximately NZ$100,000

• Placement of TruScreen cervical cancer devices commences in key hospitals in Vietnam

• First major order following approval of TruScreen on the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOH) Technical List


CEO Marty Dilon commented: “We are excited to see Gorton Health Services take this pivotal step towards the commercialization of TruScreen technology in Vietnam. The purchase and subsequent deployment of our devices will significantly impact the cervical cancer screening landscape in Vietnam. We are confident that TruScreen’s innovative technology will contribute to achieving the World Health Organization’s targets for cervical cancer screening in Vietnam.”

ASX announcement:

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