Friday 21 June 2024

Soul Patts (ASX:SOL) Chair Robert Millner reveals his investing approach and secret to his success

Robert Millner is an Australian investing legend and the Non-executive Chair of Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company (ASX:SOL), Australia’s second oldest publicly-listed corporation. Since it listed the company’s share price has risen more than 1,100%, in line with its mission to create capital growth and regular dividends through a diversified portfolio of listed equities, private markets, credit, and property assets across multiple industries. Robert Millner speaks with Lel Smits on The Stock Network about his key lessons for investing success and what individuals can learn from Soul Patts proven approach.

1 Personal insights
Young or old, when we approach investing, what do you believe are the key skills required to be a successful investor?

2 Career highlights
While you are known as a successful investor, your own career has extended across farming, a stint in the family business, and board positions on major ASX listed companies. What business-specific lessons have learnt from each of these stages of your working life?

3 Investing roadblocks
In your experience, where do you see people get the most stuck when it comes to investing? What part of the process do you think is the most challenging and how do you confront it?

4 Washington H Soul Pattinson
Washington H Soul Pattinson has a proud ultra-long track record of outperforming key benchmark indexes. How has the company continued to deliver despite broader financial markets being notoriously volatile?

5 Individual investors
What can individual investors learn about this approach when it comes to their own investment journeys?

6 Outlook
Given how long you have worked in financial markets, what is your current assessment of the ASX’s record highs, what key trends or sectors are you particularly bullish on and what’s keeping you up at night?

0:00-0:38: Introduction
0:38-2:25: Personal insights
2:25-3:28: Career highlights
3:28-4:42: Investing roadblocks
4:42-5:54: Washington H Soul Pattinson
5:54-7:57: Individual investors
7:57-9:42: Outlook
9:42-10:26: Conclusion

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