Thursday 25 July 2024

Singular Health Group (ASX:SHG) launches new online DICOM viewer

Singular Health Group (ASX:SHG) has launched its new online DICOM viewer along with a ChatGPT 3.5 AI integration with semi-automated patient education prompts. This new viewer does much more than just align with 3Dicom’s mission of developing a seamless and integrated healthcare ecosystem that unlocks the true value of medical imaging records by enabling universal access, promoting interoperability, and enhancing understanding and decision-making through advanced technologies. It also brings a new level of accessibility to Singular Health’s growing customer base, eliminating the need for patients to download desktop applications for Windows and MacOS for improved medical record management.

  • Release of new 3Dicom online viewer with interactive tutorials, annotations from 3Dicom
    MD®, and ChatGPT 3.5 AI integration for semi-automated patient education prompts.
    • Development of the online viewer as a Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for
    licensing of the viewer to third-parties across web and mobile-based platforms.
    • Cloud-based development commenced in March 2024 with rapid development and
    deployment to match requirements from existing US customers.

Singular Health’s Managing Director, Denning Chong, said:
“The recent evolution of the 3Dicom software is the technical catalyst for future growth as we open up additional commercial avenues through licensing, easier integration with outputs from AI models, and ‘one-click’ solutions for storage and sharing. This new online viewer retains the spirit of the 3Dicom software, with on-device anonymisation prior to upload, on-device rendering rather than server-based rendering, and numerous other technical innovations that improve accessibility and performance whilst also minimising the usual running costs of cloud-based solutions.”

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