Friday 21 June 2024

Safe AG Systems: Enhancing safety and efficiency in agribusiness enterprises

Safe AG Systems offers an operational software to agribusiness enterprises. Founded in improving safety and compliance on farm, the tool has expanded into a daily workflow and record-keeping platform. Providing Safe AG Systems’ client base with the templates and functions to digitally manage employment, day to day workflow, compliance, inventory and emergency management Ahead of appearing at the AgFood conference Safe AG Systems’ Katy Landt speaks with The Stock Network’s Lel Smits.

1. The product suite
What are the highlights of the software solutions you offer agribusiness enterprises?

2. Farmers and consultants are target markets
Your software solutions are not just for farmers. What makes your offering attractive to agricultural consultants with multiple farmer clients?

3. New App on the way
Safe AG Systems will soon be releasing a new App. What new features will it have that are not available on your existing App?

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