Friday 21 June 2024

OncoSil Medical (ASX:OSL) reveals results of cancer study

OncoSil Medical (ASX:OSL) reveals results of a study showing that the addition of OncoSil™ to systemic chemotherapy significantly increases the vascularity of the primary pancreatic tumours and at the same time results in a significant decrease in the size of the tumours.

– First study in humans demonstrating that the vascularity of pancreatic cancer primary tumours can be increased;
– The study assessed changes to the vascularity of primary pancreatic cancer tumours by chemotherapy and following the implantation of OncoSil™ in tumours in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer;
– The addition of OncoSil™ resulted in a substantial increase in tumour vascularity, along with a significant decrease in tumour size;
– Historical controls show no increase in vascularity from chemotherapy alone;
– In addition to delivering a tumorcidal dose of radiotherapy to the pancreatic tumour, OncoSil™ increases tumour vascularity and it is believed therefore the concentration of chemotherapy within the tumour.

OncoSil’s CEO and Managing Director, Mr Nigel Lange said: “This is an important study that further explains the mode of action of OncoSil™. In addition to delivering a tumorcidal dose of radiation therapy inside the primary pancreatic tumour that leads to significant tumour shrinkage and prolonged local disease control, this study demonstrates that the OncoSil™ device substantially increases vascularity within the tumour, which may in turn increase the concentration of chemotherapy agents that are widely acknowledged as otherwise being sub-optimal in this devastating disease.”

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