Wednesday 26 June 2024

Lithium Energy (ASX:LEL): Reports “excellent results”

Lithium Energy Limited (ASX:LEL) is pleased to confirm excellent battery electrochemical testwork results from spherical purified graphite (SPG) produced from the Company’s Burke Graphite Project (Burke) located in north-west Queensland. This provides further validation of the exceptional quality of the Burke Graphite as highly valued Battery Anode Material (BAM) for use in Li-ion batteries.

Electrochemical battery test work overseen by ProGraphite delivers outstanding results with lithium ion battery cells made with Burke uncoated Spherical Purified Graphite (SPG) (purified to 99.97% TGC) proving to be highly suitable as anode material for use in Li-ion batteries.
➢ Testwork results show Burke uncoated SPG has:
• High specific charge capacity of 362 – 364mAh/g which is close to the theoretical maximum specific charge capacity of natural graphite of 372mAh/g;
• Very high Coulometric efficiencies of 99.3 – 99.8% over multiple charging and discharging cycles of the battery test; and
• High crystallinity and low levels of graphite degradation under multiple high charging/discharging cycles indicates enhanced battery stability and longer battery life.
➢ Lithium Energy will now focus on the development of an SPG Pilot Plant in Queensland as the next stage in development of a world-leading vertically integrated, Australian based Battery Anode Material (BAM) Business.

Executive Chairman, William Johnson: “These outstanding electrochemical battery testing results are the final piece of the ‘BAM puzzle’ that confirms Burke Graphite as an exceptional material for use in Li-ion batteries. The Company will now focus on optimising the BAM development pathway and implementing a process to produce marketable quantities of SPG that will be used to secure offtake agreements. This includes continuing its plans to install and operate an SPG Pilot Plant in Queensland. We are now entering a very exciting phase of the development of our vertically integrated Australian based BAM business.”

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