Thursday 25 July 2024

Infini Resources (ASX:I88) encounters “world class grades of uranium in soil samples”

Infini Resources (ASX:I88) has released soil assay results from samples which previously returned in excess of the upper limit of detection from its maiden field sampling campaign at the Company’s 100% owned Portland Creek Uranium Project, located in Canada.

  • Results validate the initial soil assay results received, with all values exceeding the
    previous limit of detection of >11,792 ppm U3O8, and confirms the soil geochemistry results at Portland Creek as some of the highest recorded globally
  • Geochemical pathfinder studies have now commenced to identify any vectors that may point towards a primary uranium source proximal to the anomaly
  • Numerous large historical radon gas anomaly contours indicate the potential for multiple areas of undercover uranium mineralisation to exist within the ~3.2km radiometric corridor
  • UAV magnetic survey data processing are underway to assess any structural controls tied to the extraordinary soil geochemistry, with results expected in following weeks

Infini’s CEO, Charles Armstrong said: “These follow-up assay results confirm that the Company has encountered world class grades of uranium in soil samples at Portland Creek. I am not aware of any other explorers that have returned results close to what we are seeing here in our maiden fieldwork program. We now eagerly wait for processing of the UAV drone magnetic survey that was flown over Talus to see what potential structural controls exist linked to this special anomaly.”

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