Friday 21 June 2024

Brightstar Resources Limited (ASX:BTR): Gold pours ongoing

Brightstar Resources (ASX:BTR) is pleased to announce that following on from the maiden gold pour announced 07/03/20241, a second highly successful gold pour has occurred at Genesis Minerals’ Gwalia processing plant.
• Brightstar has successfully completed the second gold pour from the Selkirk joint
venture at the Menzies Gold Project, with a total gold doré weight of 119kg recorded.
• +150kg of doré has been produced to date with pours ongoing at current record high AUD gold price of ~$3,300/oz Au.
• Processing of the Selkirk ore continues at Genesis Minerals’ (ASX:GMD) Gwalia processing plant with gold pours ongoing and planned completion in the coming week.
Brightstar’s Managing Director, Alex Rovira, commented “We are excited to update the market with our second successive gold pour from the Selkirk joint venture, which was poured over the weekend at the Gwalia gold plant.Twelve gold doré bars were poured for a total mass of 119kg. Processing of the Selkirk ore remains ongoing and we look forward to updating our shareholders and investors with finalised cashflow updates once all revenue has been received from the Perth Mint after refining of the doré bars and joint venture project costs have been finalised.”

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