Wednesday 26 June 2024

BlinkLab (ASX:BB1) to participate in clinical study with Bates College

BlinkLab Limited (ASX:BB1) will be participating in a clinical study in functional neurological disorder (FND) patients conducted by Bates College, initially in the state of Maine in the US.

  • BlinkLab to participate in clinical study with Bates College, Maine, to assess the performance of the BlinkLab smartphone test as an aid in the diagnosis of FND.
  • The tests will be used for remote testing of FND patient populations in Maine, New York, New Jersey, and other locations.
  • This study will be led by Dr. Olivia Kim and will continue for up to three years and will recruit up to 500 patients.
  • The collaboration agreement ensures that BlinkLab will have an option to acquire any intellectual property developed as a direct result of the partnership.

Henk-Jan Boele, CEO of BlinkLab commented:
“It is a great pleasure to announce this collaboration with Dr. Olivia Kim. Olivia and I share a longstanding passion for understanding the neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory formation. This collaboration will not only advance our understanding and diagnostic capabilities for FND but will also enhance the overall performance of our platform for autism and/or ADHD. By testing patients with FND, we will even further refine our app and AI/ML models, improving their diagnostic accuracy for autism and ADHD. This exciting collaboration will boost the reliability and utility of our platform in clinical settings, benefiting a broad spectrum of patients.”

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